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Thank you for stopping by my smithy. We've got a lot of things going on here in the shop so feel free to have a look around and make yourself comfortable. I would love to have you as a follower on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Take a moment and click the "follow" buttons to stay up to date with what is happening here in the forge.

Here on this page you will find galleries of some of the hand forged ironwork that I've made for folks just like you. Also you can read about some of the bigger news that is happening in my shop. I truly take pride in the items that I forge and I think that comes through in the images I've shared here. Please enjoy your visit here and I hope you find that some of my items could help you in your own home by adding that touch of "unique" that only hand forged iron can give!

Good News! October 2017

Well here we are again, just on the threshold of my absolute favorite time of year! Christmas time! This is also an extremely busy time of year for me here in my smithy. Starting around the beginning of November, and pushing right up to the very last minute for some of you folks (hint hint, get your shopping done early for peace of mind! hehe), I will be working away into the deep dark hours of winter making all sorts of wonderful things out of steel for you and your loved ones. I love the cooler crisp air that comes with this season, and the warmth of the fire as I am heating the steel and the flickering shadows in the fading light is almost intoxicating. This year's favorite seems to be my hand forged decorative chop sticks. I make these out of 3/16" square steel, forge to a taper, then add a unique decorative twist to give the handles an attractive appeal and give these a pleasantly tactile feel when you are using them. These would make a fantastic and unique gift for someone you love this Christmas season!

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, it is going to be much tighter for me to get your orders to you in time, so please try to get your orders in as soon as you can. Don't be afraid to send me a conversation using my "Contact Us" form if you have any special shipping requirements. I will do my absolute best to accomodate your needs this Christmas season!

I truly hope you have a blessed holiday season as we enter into Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and that you and your loved ones enjoy this time as much as I know my family and I will!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and we'll see you soon!